12 Month Growth Chart


This is a special package I offer to take a photo every month for the first year of your babies life. I then put them all together and print them on one big canvas. We will work out a theme and use the same prop, chair or teddy bear each month so that you can see how big the baby is getting.



Baby is born, everyone is so excited and comes to visit while you are in the hospital or within the first few days after baby is born! Babies are only brand new for such a short time and this is the perfect time to have a shoot of your brand new bundle of joy so that the memories of how tiny they are stay with you forever! Photographing new born babies is so much fun and I just love how cute and sleepy they are 🙂 I have a cozy studio equipped with every prop, blanket and adorable outfit you will need. Mom can relax on the couch while I pose, dress and photograph your baby with all the care in the world, or you can be as involved as you would like to be. I understand how new everything is in those first few days and my intention is to make the time you spend in my studio as comfortable as possible with the end result of a beautiful album full of photos to keep you smiling for years to come