About Me

Clair Fraser

I must be one of the luckiest people in the world to be married to a great man, I have a perfect little daughter, amazing son and I absolutely love what I do! I have been a photographer for 10 years and I have always loved holding a camera in my hand and capturing memories.

I have many years of experience working with children, from entertaining and caring for kiddies on the Disney Cruise Line to working in America at the Summer Holiday Camps.

I have always enjoyed being around children and since having my own baby at the end of 2013 I have discovered that tiny babies are even more fun than I ever thought they would be. I have a studio packed full of props and cute little outfits and I never go to a shop without keeping my eyes peeled for my next great find – it’s surprising how many things new born babies look cute cuddled up into.

One of the best feelings in the world for me is when I send a mom a sneak peak of her photo shoot and she replies saying how much she loves it. For this reason, I will always continue to produce the best work that I can so that I can make each client as happy as the one before

Clair Fraser


Everyone loves photographs because they are memories that last forever. I take special pride in not just producing images you will hang on your wall and love for years to come but also in the fact that I am very caring, honest and reliable. I take the business of photography very seriously and will do anything I can to make my clients happy. I have many years of experience working with children and know that my caring and fun attitude is part of the reason my photos are worth hanging up


I have been passionate about cameras and photography since I was in high school and I was always the one pointing cameras at people and printing off spools of film every weekend. My enjoyment became a passion when I bought my first professional digital camera in 2008. I then enrolled in course after course and did little jobs for friends until I set up my business and started doing wedding photography towards the end of 2009.

I have completed courses in basic photography, Photoshop, dark room developing and attended many workshops to learn more about the business of taking photos. In 2011, I completed a diploma in photography with the internationally recognised organisation called ‘The Photography Institute’.

I started off as a wedding photographer  but soon found my niche in newborn, maternity and family photography. I have been doing this for over 10 years and still loving what I do.